Q. What are the benefits of herbal hair oil?
Ans. It nourishes the hair and adds an extra bounce giving an added shine. It also helps in preventing the hair loss while strengthening the hair from root.

Q. How to use Henna Powder?
Ans. Before you plan to use the powder,pour 20 grams of fresh henna powder into a small bowl and add luke warm water and leave for 2 hours and then apply on hair as well as on hand and feet.

Q. Is Henna Paste safe to use on dry hair?
Ans. Henna Paste is completely safe to use on dry hair as it adds shine and glaze to the hair leaving the hair bouncy and nourished after wash.

Q. The benefits of Herbal Shampoo?
Ans. Our herbal Shampoo is no ordinary shampoo, and no other shampoo has the same amount of fresh active extracts in its formula to compete with this. It not only cleanses the hair properly, but also provides the natural ingredients to nourishment and maximize the health and appearance of your hair, while also caring for the condition of your scalp and hair follicles.

Q. Types of Herbal Shampoo available?
Ans.Ans. We have different kinds of Herbal Shampoos for normal, dry and oily hair.

Q. What are types of Herbal Oil available
Ans. Our Herbal Oils are available in both Henna Amla and Amla Shikakai and suiting to different skin types.

Q. How effective is Herbal Henna for hair nourishment
Ans. Herbal henna is highly effective for hair nourishment as the natural ingredients used are all clinically tested. They provide better quality and life to the hair

Q. For how long one should keep henna paste in hair?
Ans. Henna paste should be kept for 30-40 mins in hair and should be washed with herbal shampoo along with a herbal conditioner.

Q. Can hair paste be applied at home or needs professional hands?
Ans. Using our henna paste requires no professional hands. It can be very easily applied at home with gloves on.

Q. What is Henna ?
Ans. Henna is extracted from a tropical shrub known by its botanical name of ''Lawsonia inermis''. Generally, its leaves, dried and crushed to make henna powder. have long for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, particularly to treat and dye hair.

Q. What is Properties of Henna ?
Ans. The main ingredient of henna, Lawsonia, which interacts actively with the keratin in hair, imparts color without damage and nourishes damaged hair for healthy and shiny texture. Also its potent fungicide effects prevents scalp itching, dandruff , and keeps your scalp healthy and clean.

Q. What is History of Henna ?
Ans. Henna is legendary plant that was widely popular among Emperors and Queens 8,000 years ago for its cosmetics and healing capacities. Henna's popularity stems from the belief that it holds magical and medicinal powers , such as bringing good luck or fortune, in addition to cosmetic properties.

Q. What is Effects of Henna on hair coloring Henna ?
Ans. Generally , hair dyeing products cause structural damage to hair and scalp since they color hair by penetrating into the cortex of the hair and destroying the melanin of hair. In this process, the cuticle of hair needs to be lifted by ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and the protein structure of hair breaks down. On the other hands, hair dyeing products containing henna extracts heighten coloring effects and significally reduce damage to hair and scalp , because lawsonia, the main ingredients of henna, interacts actively with the keratin in hair.

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